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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a beautiful and sacred mausoleum built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a white marble structure on the bank of the sacred river Yamuna in the Indian town of Agra.


Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is an extremely densely populated city in India. A major financial centre, it is the largest city in India. It is home to industrial hubs, educational institutes, shopping malls, and world-class spas and resorts.

New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital city of India, is a major tourist destination for all Indians travelling outside the country. Delhi being the national capital and a municipal area, has a great amalgamation of historical monuments and modern buildings all belonging to the Mughal, British and Indian empires.


Varanasi attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. Varanasi has been called the "Fountain of God" because it is situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. Varanasi attracts both the Hindus and the Non-Hindu tourists from all over the country and abroad.


India travel agencies have gained a good popularity among the travelers from all over the world due to the cheap tour packages that provides an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and charm of the vast country of India.

Being one of the leading travel agencies, we are offering various services such as booking of flights, booking of rooms in hotels, booking of tours, etc. Moreover, we also offer various special discounts on everything that you wish to purchase during your tour in India. You can get special discounts on cruises and hotels, shopping packages, sightseeing tours, and much more!

Planning Your Trip To India

India is a country with a wide range of tourism choices that you can choose from when it comes to your next vacation.

The country has been an ideal tourist spot for centuries and has now emerged as one of the top tourist spots in the world. If you want to plan a trip to India, make sure to use our services to have a stress-free trip. Everything from the hotel you’ll be staying at to the tours you will take will be prepared for you! Relax and wait for your trip to come while a team of experts handles every detail for you.

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Dedicated Tour Directors

Not sure how to arrange your next trip? Our dedicated team of experienced tour directors will help you in charting out the best travel plan that suits your needs best!

One To One Service

When it comes to solo travelling, you can count on our all-round travel services for the most memorable trip ever! No one understands your travel preferences better than us.

Customized Tour Packages For Individuals & Groups

Whether you are travelling solo or in a group, we have got the most attractive tour packages here. Browse from the widest range of travel plans on our website, or reach out to us directly.

Fixed Departures

You can select from our extensive range of fixed departure travel packagesand air tickets for all the major sectors in the country. Our fixed departure plans arediverse and affordable indeed..

Air And Train Tickets

Book your flight and train tickets online without going through any hassle. Check availability of seats, schedule and compare fares for both domestic as well as foreign travel.

Hotel Bookings

We offer the easiest hotel reservation services for you to take advantage of. Avail the best prices and check out accurate hotel listings in India and abroad.

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Interesting facts about India

Indians are very fond of food, and their culture is especially famous for its extensive use of rice, wheat, lentils, and pulses. This cuisine has undergone several transformations through the years, from the classic South Indian fare, which included sambhar, rasam, palachai, naanpuri, etc., to the modern Indian food, which includes items like papad, vada Pav, bhel puri, kababs, beer, etc. Indian food is known worldwide for its tastyness and spicyness! Make sure to try some of the traditional dishes made by locals while on your trip!

Diverse festivals in India are celebrated with great joy, excitement, and fervour. In the northern region of the country, during Diwali (the New Year), people decorate their houses with beautiful ornaments and celebrate with grand joy. Similarly, in central India, on the Id-ul-Fitr, people decorate their dwellings and streets with colorful marigolds and other such ornaments.

India is a vast and diverse country! There are over 400 different languages spoken that belong to several language groups. Despite such high number of various languages, there is an official one, which is Hindi. Most schools and universities in India often also use English since it’s widely used within the country. You can be sure to easily get around with using English as soon as you get used to the Indian accent.


The services of India travel agency is best offered by experienced staff who knows the India travel market very well. With years of experience in our profession, we are well aware of all the tourist attractions of the country and can assist you to choose the best from the many options available. If you are visiting India for the first time, then it’s best to get assistance in planning the trip to get the most out of that time! We can provide you with valuable information regarding the various tourism facilities and ambiance in different parts of the country. Moreover, we have numerous helpful pieces of advice regarding the best places to visit and the most affordable accommodation. Thus, if you have made up your mind about visiting India, it is important to contact us beforehand and book your trip accordingly! Travel safely and hassle-free!

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